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Roots Of Zen has 1 goal.

Provide you with amazing QUALITY products, at a fair price.

We provide daily delivery throughout Barrie in a safe and timely manner. Just give us a shout and let all of your stresses melt away !

Ask about Angus, Orillia and Innisfil!

Delivery available, half oz minimum for delivery.

Delivery fee changes as order grows!

Delivery to Angus / Orillia / Innisfil =

120$ minimum order 25 delivery

220$ order 15 delivery

320$ order 10


We offer safe, friendly and discreet delivery right to your front door!

We pride ourselves in providing the best quality flower at the lowest prices possible ! 

We have a a continually changing inventory and pictures of the flower are EXACTLY what you will receive.



Procedures –


-In order to maintain the fastest service possible we do not receive phone calls, instead we ask all orders to be placed via TEXT MESSAGE or email (there might be slight delay in answering emails). Our team is on standby to answer any questions.

-Cash only, we ask you have your cash ready prior to placing your order.

-We gaurentee our delivery within 3 hours unless otherwise informed at time of delivery. We ask you are home upon placing delivery.


Out of town? Not a problem, we have set meet up points for our out of town clients. In order to maintain a no-fee policy certain points are subject to a minimum per order and are subject to review and approval by the team.



Please Have EXACT CHANGE As Our Drivers will have VERY minimal ammount of change

19 Plus (ID Required)


To place an order with us, please follow the steps below

1. Simply TEXT US – Looking for zen!  your full address and your order.

2. Attatch a photo of your government issued ID. (Person on identification must be present at location on ID during delivery)

3. Must be present at address stated on ID at time of delivery, for safety of driver and the customer.

4. Meet up’s must be discussed and approved by dispatch before meeting in public spaces, for safety of driver and the customer.


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