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Too long; didn’t read version: open 9 am-1 am everyday, tap/debit/credit/ApplePay/etransfer/cash, free delivery, $30 Min Order*, Abbotsford Delivery, cheapest around, super dope marketing that makes you feel like a kid again. But with weed. 

Hey, I’m Luigi from Luigi’s Leaves Prime Delivery! We are the new kids on the block, but we’ve been in the industry for years behind the scenes and now we’re so unbelievably stoked to finally bring our Amazon-Prime-like delivery services to the public! We like making people so unbelievably happy that they can’t even imagine going to someone else ever again! Our goal is to become your best friend for life and here’s how we’re gonna do it:

  1. GET MORE THAN YOU PAID FOR – We all hate buying weed and wondering if the dealer ripped you off (because who tf brings a scale). So, we always extra fill your adventure-item-bags with an extra 0.5g. Every time.
  2. CHEAPER THAN RETAIL – We always sell AAAA and better at AAA prices (really good weed every time, for the price of “meh” weed.) We want you to feel like you got an awesome deal. Not the first time, every time. So cheap that we’re the ones you rave about to your friends and family!
  3. SAME HOUR PRIME DELIVERY – We should have started with this first! We’re millennials, for millennials. We all *LOVE* Amazon Prime delivery and we want to bring Amazon Prime-like delivery services that just feel *too good to be true*!!! What does that mean- that means that your weed is delivered to you (for free) within 1-2 hours*. If we’re quick enough to save Princess Peach, it’s quick enough for you too. And it’s cheaper than buying retail and is done with super cool tracking.
  4. ACTUAL LOYALTY SYSTEM  – This is a big one. Who genuinely gets rewarded for being loyal these days? No one. That’s why no one gives a shit when a company has a loyalty system. UNLESS IT WORKED?! We want to reward you, seriously! Our job is to make you the happiest person ever, for purely selfish reasons, and we hope that you’re okay with that! 😂
    For every 1/8th you buy, you get a dollar of credit that can be used towards your next order. After 10x orders, that turns into $1.50 of credit for every bag FOREVER. After 20x orders, you receive $2 off each bag. We always give back to our loyal customers. You can expect free weed, gifts, love, and little cute gifts from Mrs. Luigi!** (Learn even more about the loyalty reward system on our website)
  5. CONVENIENT PAY – Guess what? Yup, we got tap. Guess what else? We take credit cards, debit cards, visa debit cards, prepaid cards, PayPal, Bitcoin, you name it! We’ll even trade weed for your car! Oh, and we also take cash of course.
  6. UBER-LIKE TRACKING – You can see with our app (we’ll send you a link when you order) exactly when our Mario-Kart will be getting to you! It’s really cool to see in action!
  7. COVID-FREE-GUARANTEE – Yup, we said it! We guarantee no COVID, no dead bats, no virus, and no bullshit in your weed. Business as per usual. And yes, of course, we’ll come and deliver it to you in gloves and masks.
  8. NOSTALGIC, ALL THE TIME – Come on, if Mario and Luigi delivering your weed isn’t the coolest thing since weed delivered, I don’t know what is! We are adult children just like you and we want to make the entire process as fun as possible. We always promise to make you smile more and more every week with awesome new branding and marketing ideas that we’ll be sure to share with you all every week. We are part-time comedians, part-time marketers, and part-time exotic pharmacists (because telling jokes doesn’t make enough money)

In summary kiddo, what more can you want? Always the cheapest around, always giving you weed that satisfies you, always the fastest, always the friendliest, and always the fam jam that you want to have as your people.


To celebrate our Mario Karts going live to the public, we are offering $25 – ⅛th (3.5G + 0.5G), $40 – 1/4th and $75 – 1/2, and $120 Ounces!


Method #1

  1. Send us a text with what you want, a picture of your ID (only for the first time), and what address you’d like us to meet you at!
  2. Wait for a text back confirming your order.
  3. Wait for one of the Mario Karts to arrive at your house.

Method #2

  1. Visit our website (link below description as well) and order online just like anywhere else! You can also pay using Credit Card, Apple Pay, PayPal, Interac Etransfer, and bitcoin using the website and receive a 20% discount code for doing so!
  2. Wait for your email confirmation from us confirming your order.
  3. Wait for one of the Mario Karts to message you 5 minutes before they arrive at your house!
    (Pro Tip: The website can be saved as an app on your iPhone when you create a home screen shortcut for our website. Go to to learn exactly how to do it!)

*All Sales Are Final*

We offer free delivery on all orders, but the minimum orders are as follows:

Abbotsford $30, Aldergrove $40, Mission $40, Langley $100, Chilliwack $100

* assuming you’re ordering within delivery time windows. Orders after hours will be placed first on the delivery list.
** terms and conditions apply. They’re chill but it’s to prevent the dick that wants to try to take advantage of the loyalty system. You can find the t & cs on our website,


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  • Darlene
    January 6, 2021 at 9:49 pm

    Tried to place an order with Luigi’s Leaves at 9 30 pm. Well within advertised hours. I sent texts with all requested information. I sent an email and did not receive a response of any kind even after 30 minutes. Is this actually a place???? Pretty bad business practices! I guess they either don’t exist or are too fat in the wallet to want business

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