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Kalima Exotics provides the highest quality products available. With delivery services in central Montreal and Mail delivery all across Canada. The majority of our products are produced in the heart of the Kootenay region by craft growers in beautiful British Columbia. Kali is the Hindu goddess representing strength and perseverance. Within the goddess Kali lies a perfect balance of life and death. Kalima exotics just like the goddess Kali is a symbol of mother nature herself. For over 30 years, generations of marijuana growers in the kootenays have spent years building there own genetics and learning to grow them to perfection. These are some of the best growers in the world, who produce some of the best bud in the world. The secrets in producing the highest quality plants are guaranteed to exceed any expectations. Being the only company in Canada offering water soluable THC isolate based products, all our stock is grown, picked, processed, and created by some of the best! Therefore, ensuring quality product every time.

The cultivation of marijuana in Canada was born right here in B.C.  In the early 60’s starting in the early on Lasquiti Island. This is where B.C. bud was originated. The region boasts some of the best outdoor growing there is. This is due to climate and south faceing mountain slopes with plants being fed by clean, pristine mountain and glacier water. Travelling north draft dodgers carrying seeds looking forfor fertile soil to farm. Luckily for us they found the perfect place. A province with a cultivating and community oriented mentality and perfect growing conditions. So began the birth of a beautiful medicinal miracle.



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